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Walk and talk therapy sessions (eco-therapy)

Immersing ourselves in nature, connecting with our own sense of sound, smell, touch can improve mental and emotional well-being. Sometimes, we can find it difficult to open up and know how and where to start talking.

Walk and Talk therapy sessions can help you connect with your therapist in a relaxed, uninhibited way, free to talk (or not), and just start connecting with themselves and how they feel.

Slowing and quickening pace can elicit different responses and just being at one with nature can be incredibly nurturing and grounding.

walk and talk therapy sessions, eco-therapy

Exercise is often recommended for patients or clients who are experiencing (for example,) stress, low-mood or depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), anger challenges and addiction. When we exercise, endorphins are released into the bloodstream. Endorphins are neurotransmitters that are the body’s natural pain killer and can induce mild euphoria, or a natural high.

When combined with the release of serotonin (which can be triggered when our skin or eye’s absorb natural sunlight) the chemicals in our brains and bodies work together to help lift mood and boost energy levels. Interaction in the natural world has been shown to influence serotonin levels in humans through sunlight and soil bacteria.

I offer walk and talk sessions up here on the ridge which can be incorporated to compliment the therapy process.

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